About Us

What we do

We provide public engagement and education strategies, programs and evaluation for growth industries and ground-breaking research. We cater to all levels and all social groups, from elementary to university; because learning doesn't stop when you leave school. Our services cover all all fields of science, technology, engineering and maths, with a focus on plant science, pharmacology and public health.  

Who we are

We are scientific and education experts with extensive experience in public engagement, science communication, informal and formal science learning throughout the USA, UK and Canada. Our expertise includes PhDs and Masters degrees in Neuropathology, Pharmacology and Microbiology, combined with award winning work at the world's leading science organizations and teaching experience ranging from public health lecturing at the UK's largest college to plant science teaching in the Ivy League. We have engaged the public in numerous topics, from GMOs to BSE, from biofuels to synthetic biology, working with the world's leaders in these fields.  

What is in a name?

Here at Apicalm we are working at the forefront of growth and development, which led us to name our business after the  apical meristem. The apical meristem is a region of growth, it is at the forefront of plant development, located at the apex of the shoot or root. The apical meristem reaches out, searching for nourishment in the form of light or water to enable the plant to grow, expand and thrive in new environments.

Understanding multiple meanings is important when communicating. We chose the name Apicalm because it has two meanings. Apis is the latin term for a genus that includes the honey bee. Bees play a vital role in the pollination of flowering plants. The second half of the word is calm. Therefore, Api-calm is a play on words that means 'be calm'. This is the approach we seek to take in our engagement and education, to be thoughtful and considerate, and create welcoming forums for dialogue.